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A client needs Mono propylene glycol which should be ( United States Pharmacopoeia) or British Pharmacopoeia. The second product is Triacetin and Miglyol. We even need vegetable oil food grade and Ethanol.
Please contact Mr Vishal @9831002022.

Aaksh chemicals selling its DMF at Rs 64+GST in drum intact at 60 days payment.
Kindly contact @ 9867606258.


A client required spent AceticAcid:: 50%-80% Color: Any Moisture : Upto 25%.
Quantity : 100 MTS /Month
Contact: Rahul Shah, Shuddhi Industries , +91 88883 66999.


Hi, Kindly send your sales and purchase requirement to publish on our website Every Monday and Friday.

This facility available for existing clients only.

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