Worldwide interest for bio-PET is assessed to achieve 6.74 million tons by 2023.

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Worldwide interest for bio-PET is assessed to achieve 6.74 million tons by 2023.


Greencol Taiwan Corporation (GTC) declared its arrangements to construct another plant to produce bio-mono ethylene glycol (bio-MEG)MEG Price in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in October 2010. The plant has a limit of 100,000t every year, and was finished in 2013.

Additionally going about as MEG Price plant administrator, GTC is a 50:50 joint endeavor between Nagoya-based Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) and Taipei-based China Man-made Fiber Corporation. GTC is the main household maker of bio-ethylene subordinates.

TTC is in charge of the upstream and downstream exercises of the new MEG Price plant, dealing with the creation and showcasing of bio-PET. The organization fabricated a worldwide coordinated store network for bio-PET with the development of the new plant.

Bio-MEG created at the plant is provided to Asian PET makers. TTC then off-takes the PET fabricated on a tolling premise and markets it to organizations in Europe, Japan and the US. It likewise MEG Price advertises bio-PET based materials for vehicle insides and creates bio-PET based jugs with clients. The organization expects to expand the interest for bio-PET based feasible items around the globe.

Procedure innovation

New Jersey-based Petron Scientech was chosen as the procedure innovation supplier for the plant. The organization has practical experience in monetarily tried innovations for delivering fundamental synthetic compounds for modern use.

The plant utilizes Petron’s ethanol to bio-ethylene innovation. Petron is additionally in charge of giving plan and different administrations during and after development.


The new MEG Price plant utilizes bio-ethanol created from sugar stick as feedstock. Utilizing ethanol for the creation of PET is increasingly efficient contrasted with oil. Ethanol creates high-grade ethylene and has comparative properties as that of oil based ethylene.

Plants that utilization ethanol can accomplish steady development of ethylene limit at lower costs. What’s more, the utilization of ethanol does not create any of the side-effects that are normally delivered from oil feedstock.

The bio-ethanol MEG Price required is provided by Petrobras, which marked a ten-year supply concurrence with TTC in October 2010. Under the understanding, Petrobras Biocombustível, an auxiliary of Petrobras, every year supplies the new plant with 143,000m³ of ethanol. The $820m supply understanding is the main long haul understanding marked by Petrobras.

MEG Price
MEG Price

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