Climbs $7-$14/mt as upstream prices strengthen

The bullet points and narrative are suspended, while the rationale is published


Isomer-MX rose $14/mt from Friday to be assessed at $660/mt FOB Korea and up $7/mt at $680/mt CFR Taiwan Friday. The markers take the average of the third and fourth half-month laycans, currently H1 March and H2 March. No bids or offers were registered during the CSG Market on Close assessment process. During the MOC process, the best bid for March was reported at $659/mt FOB Korea, and the  est bid for April at $659/mt FOB Korea. No offers were heard. As a result, the March laycans were assessed at $660/mt FOB Korea, above the bid. No bids and offers were heard during the MOC process on a CFR Taiwan basis. The CFR Taiwan price was assessed up $7/mt, tracking the FOB Korea marker and rising upstream prices, but also considering that Northeast Asian CFR markets are closed for holidays for most of this week, and only a slight increase in PX prices Friday. The above rationale applies to the following market data codes: PHAUV00 for FOB Korea and PHAUT00 for CFR Taiwan.


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