Bids for Mar support FOB Korea despite

The bullet points and narrative are suspended, while the rationale is published.

FOB Korea benzene was assessed up $11.67/mt from last Friday at $600/mt Friday. The marker takes the average of the third, fourth and fifth half-month laycans, H1 March, H2 March, and H1 April. During the CSG Market on Close assessment process Friday, there were no transparent bids and offers seen. The H1 and H2 March laycans were assessed at $599/mt FOB Korea, between a bid and offer last seen at $598/mt and $603/mt FOB Korea, respectively. The H1 April laycan was assessed at $602/mt FOB Korea, narrowing the March/April spread to minus $3/mt, above a bid last seen at minus $4/mt. The CFR China marker was assessed at $606/mt, up $2/mt from last Friday, tracking the gains in FOB Korea. The East China marker was assessed at Yuan 4,877/mt Friday, unchanged from last Friday, or $614.42/mt on an import parity basis. Exclusions: No market data was excluded from the February 5 assessment process.


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